Role of Sindh HEC & CIEC

After 18th Amendment in the Constitution, Sindh Higher Education Commission was established in 2013, which is regulatory body on public & private sector Universities / DAIs in the province.
  1. Whereas, as per the section 10(1)(b) & (g) of Sindh HEC Act 2013, CIEC is part of the Sindh HEC and authorized to monitor and evaluate the performance of institutions.
  2. Simultaneously, Sindh HEC recommends the proposals, through CIEC, for granting a charter to a new Institute / DAI in both public and private sector, as per the guidelines of Sindh HEC.
  3. CIEC also looks into the matters pertaining to the private sector Universities / DAIs on the regular basis.
  4. In order to monitor and evaluate the performance of the institution, CIEC has commenced its 9th Round of Inspections in which public sector Universities have also been included.
  5. After completion of the round of visits, the rating of the Public & Private Sector Institutions shall also be announced, which shall be based on the prescribed criteria.
  6. In order to ensure the quality education in the Province, on behalf of Sindh HEC, CIEC is enhancing the methodology of monitoring and evaluation of the public & private sector Universities / DAIs. After the last round of Visits, CIEC has revised the MEG-Forms which have been filled-in and submitted by the Universities in two parts: MEG-Form Part-A (For general assessment of the Institute) and MEG-Form Part-B (For assessment of the Departments / Colleges of the Institute which shall be assessed by the experts).
  7. In order to complete the exercise of inspections of the Universities, data has been digitalized and centralized which shall be useful for university to be visited, experts, members of CIEC, secretariat of CIEC / Sindh HEC, to have more effective, systematic and prompt procedures.
  8. CIEC assists institutions with suggestions, proposals and observations made by a team of senior academicians in various fields.
  9. CIEC also helps the institutions to identify shortfalls / weak points of the Institutions in order to overcome the issues.
  10. To promote the institutions with deserving rating in the market and to assist students to make a better choice.

Background of CIEC

On the direction of Federal Government, Guidelines were approved by the Sindh Cabinet and CIEC was established in the year 2002. Since then, CIEC has completed 8th Round of visits / inspections of private sector Universities / DAIs in Sindh.

After enactment of Sindh Higher Education Commission, Sindh HEC Act No. XI of 2013, CIEC became part of Sindh HEC. Since, the CIEC has been doing its job as per the clause 10(1)(b) and 10(1)(g) of aforementioned Act of Sindh HEC, viz. monitoring, evaluation and grading of Universities / DAIs functioning in the Province of Sindh. Moreover, the cases forwarded from Sindh HEC for granting Charter, are processed with vigilance and vigor.

Monitoring, evaluation and grading of the public / private chartered institutions in the province of Sindh is one of the major responsibilities assigned to the Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC), Sindh Higher Education Commission, Government of Sindh. The CIEC has successfully carried out 08 rounds of visits of Private Sector Universities / DAIs chartered by Government of Sindh for 2002-2004, 2004-2006, 2006-2008, 2008-2010, 2010-2012, 2012-2014, 2016-2018 and 2018-2021. In the first round it relied upon the sole experience and wisdom of its highly experienced and distinguished members, who visited and inspected and evaluated the institutions. The overall performance and quality of education of the institutions is judged by the distinguished members of the CIEC itself, as before, a detailed evaluation at the level of the departments/disciplines/programs is caused by it through peers/experts, which helped the institutions greatly through the mutual discussion and exchange of experiences and advice rendered to them by the CIEC and the Peers/Experts at the time of their visit/inspection.

In the 9th round of visits the Sindh Higher Education Commission, as per its Act has decided to include all public & private sector Universities functioning in the Province of Sindh, in order to improve the quality of education and meet with the standards of national / international level.

For this purpose, the grading criteria, guidelines for establishing / governing the public / private sector Universities / DAIs and the MEG-Forms have also been revised. The CIEC had developed MEG-III FORM (Part A) and (Part B) – Part A contains important attributes for evaluation at the Institutional level and Part B contains these for evaluation at the Institutional level for each Department separately. The attributes are intended to advise the institutions, that there are some important areas of development, to each of which the institutions must give attention to improve.