About Sindh HEC

Sindh Higher Education Commission (Sindh HEC) was established under the mandate of 18th Constitutional Amendment. Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) was established in 2013 with the mandate to promote higher education, research and development in the Sindh Province. Mission of SHEC is to facilitate Institutions of Higher learning to serve as an engine of socio-economic development and to improve the quality of higher Education in Sindh. The central focus of Sindh HEC is on faculty development; improving access; promoting excellence in learning and research; governance and management; enhancing quality assessment and accreditation; and physical technological infrastructure development.

Background – SHEC

After the ratification of 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan and the devolution of the subject of higher education to the provinces, the establishment of the Sindh Higher Education Commission (SHEC) in March 2013.