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Baqai Medical University

There is an inner urge in certain human beings to play their part in the developmental activities of the place or city around them. Having made a choice of Medical to be their profession and graduating in this field, visionary and sensitive individuals, Dr. F.U. Baqai and Dr. Zahida Baqai, fired with the passion for human welfare and social service started with a modest beginning by setting up a hospital complex in private sector at Nazimabad in late sixties of the previous century. Soon this hospital complex developed into a 350-bedded general hospital with modern sophisticated treatment for the middle-income group of private patients. A part of the job was done on charity basis. This proved to be a successful venture and Baqai Hospital Nazimabad became a centre of excellence.


This success gave an impetus to the Baqais to pursue their future ventures in this vital field of education and health. A teeming majority, almost 70% of the population constitutes rural population of Pakistan. The medical needs of this populace was never seriously tackled by the health planners of the country as most of the Government sector health delivery system were located in the urban areas. With this end in view, the Baqais felt the need to provide health services to the rural area of Karachi and in 1976 they founded the Baqai Medical Complex on the Super Highway and established a Rural Health Centre, which served the needs of the area. The gashing flow of creativity and new ideas then began to take further concrete shape in the form of an organization. From this stage onwards, it was only a matter of time and intensity of commitments. In early 80's the basic construction of the building of Medical College was started. After the completion of the infrastructure, designing of curriculum to conform to the community-oriented medical education and recruitment of highly qualified and most experienced personnel available in the profession, affiliation with the University of Karachi was obtained and the Baqai Medical College was started in 1988 with admission of students for the first batch. In 1990, the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council granted recognition to the Departments of Basic Medical Sciences and permitted the College to start clinical teaching at Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad.


In 1992, Baqai Foundation established the Baqai Dental College. It goes to the credit of Baqais that this is the first ever Dental College to be set-up at Karachi to cater to the needs of over 10 million people. This provided a most welcome opportunity for the students who wanted to take their career in Dental Surgery. Specialized Department of Dental Materials was established and sophisticated equipments required to run a modern Dental College were procured and admission of students to B.D.S. was started.

The Medical and Dental Colleges were regularly inspected by the Inspection Teams of P.M.D.C. and when the first batches of medical and dental students completed their education and training they were awarded Degrees of M.B.B.S. in 1993 and B.D.S. in 1997 by the University of Karachi which was recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. Indeed, this was a moment of great satisfaction not only for the students and their parents but also for the Baqai Foundation - A dream came true. Year 1992 witnessed yet another landmark when the Department of Community Medicine of Baqai Medical College was upgraded to the level of the Institute of Health Sciences and a postgraduate education programme was started for the Masters of Public Health (MPH). This was a very important development in producing senior health executives for utilization in the Health Management Programme for the country. Subsequently, in 1993 the Department of Haematology was upgraded to the programmes of Diploma in Haematology and M.Sc. Haematology. While all these developments were going on it was felt that for special attention on community oriented medical education and some of the very specialized postgraduate programmes that Baqai Medical and Dental Colleges were initiating, it was necessary to have a full-fledged university for medical education, independent of other influences. In October 1993, the Governor of Sindh promulgated an ordinance establishing Baqai Medical University. It took a long time for completion of legal formalities and on the 8th of April 1996, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh passed the Baqai Medical University Act unanimously. This was a great encouragement for us.


In July 1996, a new leaf was turned and we established the Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for education in Pharmacy leading to the degrees of B.Pharmacy, M.Phil and Ph.D. Many postgraduate programmes have already started and are being organized by Baqai Institute of Surgical Sciences, Baqai Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Baqai Institute of Reproduction and Developmental Sciences (BIRDS) and Baqai Institute of Ophthalmology.


The establishment and rapid progress of Baqai Medical University is a brilliant accomplishment of a commitment to the cause of education and health. Our aim is to establish a Medical University in the best traditions of some of the renowned universities of the world, at the same time incorporating new ideas and thoughts relevant to our conditions, our economy, our rural setting and also our Islamic system of life. We seek Blessing of Allah in fulfilling our goal.


Baqai Medical University consists on following Institutions


• Baqai Medical College

• Baqai Dental College

• Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Baqai Institute of Health Management Sciences

• Baqai Institute of Health Sciences

• Baqai Institute of Hematology

• Baqai Institute of Diabetologyy and Endohrinolgy

• Baqai Institute of Cardio Vascullar Diseases

• Baqai Institute of Reproduction and Developmentan Sciences

• Baqai Institute of Social Obstetrics Department

• Baqai Institute of Information Technology

• Baqai Cadet College

• Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences

• Baqai Institute of Medical Technology

• Baqai Institute of Clinical Nutrition

• Baqai Institute of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Medicine

• Baqai College of Nursing

• Baqai Institute of Phathology

• Baqai Institute of Oncology

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